LH 9060

LH9060 LH 9060


Software features specially for Light Guide Plate

1. Dot generated automatically.

2. Dot size and pitch gradient automatically.

3. Support variety of processing method: dot, bitmap, lineation.

4. Compatible with main design software, and automatically optimize the parameter.

5. Support multiple light-in sides and variety of light-in methods.

6. Support arrangement of irregular Light Guide Plate.


Features of Machine specially for Light Guide Plate Industry

1. Automatic-following exhausting system to optimize the working environment.

2. Auto focus and automatic adjustment on focus size.

3. Available to adjust the worktable flatness.

4. One machine ,multiple function, include dot-making, lineation, cutting and engraving.

Technical Parameter

Laser power: ≥30W

Length of laser wave: 10.6μm

Gross power: <1.5KW

Processing area: 900mm×600mm

Max speed: 1000mm/s

Spot diameter: 0.2mm

Location precision: 0.05mm

Supply voltage: 220VAC 50Hz

Dimension: 1200mm×900mm×900mm