Mini CNC Engraving Machine 1

 Mini CNC Engraving Machine

LH-3030 is one Mini CNC Engraving Machine, can be worked on copper, aluminium, Barss, Acrylic, double-color board, PVC, PCB, ABS BOARD, MDF and Stone, etc.
Pls see the follow Parameters:

X. Y working size, 300mm×300mm
Z working size, 90mm- (110mm if u needRotary device)
The Max width of the workpiece, 400mm
The Max length of the workpiece, unlimited
Speed of working, 0-5000mm/min
Speed of spindle, 6000-24000RMP
Spindle power, 1500W / 800W (Water-Cooling Motor)
Taper sleeve, 3.175mm(1/8"), 4mm (1/6") and 6mm (1/4")
Operating system, DSP Controller / NCSTUDIO
Driver, Leadshine(Chinese famous brand)
Convertor, Fuling (Chinese famours brand)
File form, G-code (NC FORM)
CAD/CAM software Artcam / Cascate / Proe / Artgrave / Type3/Artcut, etc.
Resolution of software, 0.001mm
Resolution of machine, 0.02mm
Positioning accuracy, 0.05mm/300mm
Repeat accuracy, 0.02mm
Voltage, 220V-50Hz or 110V-60Hz
Lead screw, Imported from Germany, with P5 level; It's used for X, Y, Z-axis
Lead rail, Imported from Taiwan, P5 level; It's used for X, Y, Z-axis
Optional devices, Rotary device; Vacuum hold down table, High precision Vise, etc.